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Sunday, September 28, 2003

8:46 AM: 
It is amazing how busy life can get. Pity.

Anywho... here are the football picks.

Cardinals (+10.5) at St. Louis: As you well know, I abhor giving big points. The Cardinals showed signs of life, and the Rams have been ok but not great. Take the points.

San Francisco (-1.5) at Minnesota: Why, exactly, are the Vikes dogs here? They are at home. They are undefeated, while the Niners are in deep trouble. The reason has to be the injury to Culpepper, but he might play. Even if he doesn't, winning at the Dome is a tough assignment, and I have yet to see any evidence that Dennis Erickson can be a successful NFL coach-- and he is with his second NFL team. Take the points.

Tennessee (+2.5) at Pittsburgh: The Titans are the better team, but the Steelers are one of those teams that simply match up well. This is almost too close to call, but I'll go with the home team. Give the points.

New England (-2.5) at Washington: The Skins took advantage of a late letdown by the Giants to make that game interesting, but the reality is that they were beaten badly for a good portion of that game. The Patriots won't let a team off the mat like that. Give the points.

Jacksonville (-2.5) at Houston: The Leftwich era begins. I am not sure that the Jags, with Brunell, are better at this point than the Texans. And Brunell is a quality NFL quarterback. Leftwich may be some day, but rookies rarely are at the start and until they show something should be assumed to not be quality. Take the points.

Philadelphia (+3.5) at Buffalo: Did the Eagles figure anything out in their bye week, or will their disasterous start continue? The Dolphins showed how to handle the Bills, but the Eagles do not have Ricky Williams and their D is not what it used to be. Give the points.

Cincinnati (+5.5) at Cleveland: Is there a QB controversy at the Mistake By The Lake? The Bengals played hard against the Raiders, and those of us who are rooting for Marvin Lewis want to see opportunities. Take the points.

Kansas City (-2.5) at Baltimore: The Ravens looked pretty good the last two weeks. But good enough to be within a three spot of the Chiefs? I don't see it. Three star special, give the points.

San Diego (+7.5) at Oakland: I would have gone with the Chargers to make it close, except they won't be dressing Boston. The Raiders can stop a one-dimensional attack. Give the points.

Dallas (+2.5) at the Jets: The Cowboys are a better team than the Jets right now, and they are getting points? Unless there are specific matchup problems, whenever the better team is getting points I will take them. Give me the points.

Atlants (+5.5) at Carolina: The Panthers are convincing me that they are for real. Bring back Vick and I pick differently, but that is still weeks away. Give the points.

Detroit (+11.5) at Denver: I hate giving big spreads, but Mike Shanahan will run up the score at the drop of a hat. Give the points, three star special.

Indianapolis (-1.5) at New Orleans: The Saints can't look this bad all year. Can they? Give the points.

Green Bay (-3.5) at Chicago: It will be loud. It will be emotional. It will be raucus. But the Bears still suck. Two star, give the points.