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Thursday, August 07, 2003

10:24 AM: 
Some people get to go on vacation. Other people get hit with major projects with impossible deadlines without much support (due to others being on vacation). Short story- I am swamped, and will be until Monday. As such, McKinley's America will not be having much, or any, blogging until then. Sorry.

Woodrow Wilson has been eliminated from the Presidential Survivor contest, scoring more "out" votes than William Harrison, Hayes, Hoover and Truman.
Wilson is still in the running for the worst President of all time, however, joining Lyndon B. Johnson in that quest (which will commence voting in three weeks).

This week's contestants are as follows: Ronald Reagan, George W. Bush, William McKinley, William H. Taft, and... Bill Clinton (yes, these were drawn at random).

Monday, August 04, 2003

5:41 PM: 
Hillary: I'm Grateful I Grew up in 'White Suburbs':
"'You know, is it back to the 1950s white suburbs for family life, which I grew up in and write about in my book – and am very grateful for – but didn't exactly describe the universal experience in America?"
Would we be hearing the same uproar (read: none) from the media over this statement, had it come from the mouth of a Republican?

12:37 PM: 
Anonymous sources strike again:
"The Washington Post, citing 'sources familiar with the conversation,' reported that Powell deputy Richard L. Armitage recently told national security adviser Condoleezza Rice that he and Powell will leave on Jan. 21, 2005, the day after the next presidential inauguration.

A State Department spokesman says that discussion never happened and blames a summertime news drought for the report.

'There's no basis to the story at all,' said Philip T. Reeker. 'There was no such conversation. It must be August.' "
Or, someone wanted to manipulate public sentiment, and do so without any accountability. And someone succeeded, thanks to the media's addiction to anonymous sources, and the public's indifference to holding the press accountable.

12:09 PM: 
Car Crash Reveals Racist Church, but what really catches my eye is the jabs at Republicans:
"Both organizations were the projects of building owner James Warner, a founder of the American Nazi Party and associate of former Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard and Republican gubernatorial candidate David Duke, according to the Anti-Defamation League, which monitors hate groups...

Duke, a one-time state representative who narrowly lost a 1991 race for Louisiana governor and also ran for U.S. Senate, all as a Republican, went to federal prison in Texas in April to serve a 15-month sentence for bilking his supporters of hundreds of thousands of dollars that he used to gamble."
That sure paints a picture, does it not? But Freeper Gothmog points out the truth paints a very different picture-- namely that the Republican party completely disavowed Duke and went so far as to endorse his opponent, a Democrat.

Compare this to the fact that the Democrat party continues to support and endorse Senator Robert Byrd, a former Klansman.

11:16 AM: 
N. Korea OKs talks, but calls U.S. official 'scum':
"Pyongyang called a senior American official ''human scum'' for criticizing North Korea's leader, but the reclusive nation said it would still join U.S.-proposed multilateral talks on its suspected development of nuclear weapons."
He also called Bolton a bloodsucker, and said they have decided not to consider him an official of the U.S. administration. No word yet if they are going to hold their breath until they turn blue, however.

In a somewhat related note, Kim Jong Il just scored a re-election victory of 100% of the vote with 99% turnout. It boggles my mind that totalitarian governments seem to think such 'elections' give them some sort of international legitimacy, as if the rest of the world buys that anyone could legitimately get such universal support. Every time they announce such results, all they do is prove to the rational that they are ruling by terrorizing their own people.